Sorry for the radio silence.


So much has been happening. We have been so incredibly busy that we can’t even believe it ourselves.

Over the last year we’ve toured with Cheyenne Marie Mize, Frank Turner (in Europe), Dana Falconberry and have been playing shows around L.A. and environs. We went on a tour through the southwest to get to SXSW and had a great time there. Any excuse to visit Texas is a good one. There was so much barbecue that we still can’t quite savor other meats at this point…the taste is too haunting…the memory too fresh to allow anything else to tantalize our palettes.

Oh, and there’s one other thing that has taken away from our internet time: we’ve been really working hard on the next record.

That’s been the biggest alter of devotion. We took Ms. Childrey to California wine country and tracked drums. We took Mr. Simon (from Berlin) and Mr. Hartley to Joshua Tree and did guitars and singing and keyboards and electronic component freakout.

We’ve been tracking overdubs back in Los Angeles and taking periodic breaks to do the tours and shows and rest our ears and hearts. Upright bass and hand claps and percussion and more guitars and more singing have been stealing away with our hours.

But thinking back on it; it hasn’t worn us out. It has only made us more excited.

You should check out Spurs and their website:!news/cegh

This will keep you up-to-date with what we’re up to and how the record is coming along and where this summer’s fun shows and residencies will be. We hope to see you all soon and we hope to have this record done even sooner. Everything is moving at a good, steady pace. The sounds are already delightful and the live shows have been stellar…monumental. Oh for the hope of the future; it is the only good ground in which love can be planted anew.

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