Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear, dear Santa Fe…

This is going to be a fantastic fall. We’re getting a full head of steam together to make the next record, we get to play all these great shows as well as a tour with Cheyenne Marie.

The most immediate things we have to look forward to are these two special shows coming in September. The first is going to be in Santa Fe at the AHA Festival:

So very cool to have been asked to play and what a treat to get to play for the magical people of Santa Fe and exhale singing air that smells like Pinon Pine…oh the head just spins. We’ve got some really special musicians assembling in Santa Fe as we speak. Everything about this trip has been biased in favor of this being a very worth-while trip. So much so, there are rumors of people trying to see if their schedules will afford them the chance to travel out to New Mexico for this.

More to come, very soon. See you all soon.


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