A new frontier

It is so easy to get bogged down.
One way to get out of the bog is to shake things up.

I was taking a mind-break from all things having to do with the record and touring. Had to recharge and reset so as to avoid getting into a creative rut. Sometimes it is fun, in an attempt to get out of a rut, to set parameters on what you listen to and how you listen to it. So I decided to listen to some of my favorite records from when I was sixteen.

It is much akin to re-reading an old journal in that it reminds you of another brain state and another place and time. It is oddly revealing and it is so much fun to think “Ha, look at what this person was feeling”. Sometimes it gets synaesthetic, you can get tastes and feelings of the clothing you used to wear sometimes. Like when I hear side B of It’s a Shame About Ray I can feel the worn ridges of my dad’s hand-me-down corduroy pants and smell the inside of John C.’s car as we would bop around with no particular place to go.

So I set out on my brain-cation to sixteen-year-old-Adam land and boy was it fun. But as I listened I realized that a goodly amount (not all but a healthy dose) of these records were made by power trios.

-The Violent Femmes
-Grand Funk Railroad (this is around when I annexed all my mom’s old vinyl)
-Nirvana (still wish Kurt was writing songs)
-The Lemonheads
-Buddy Holly and The Crickets

The list goes on, but you get the idea.

Then it came to me all at once; I want to try a power trio. I want to see how it sounds and how it feels to put the groove first, keep it tight and then rub some sweet harmonies on top of it. So that’s what we’re doing.

I got the best rhythm section in the business on the phone the next day and we put together such a sweet sound.

Andrew is the man you know already on the bass, guitar, harmonica and vocals. He recently quit smoking so not only is his voice that much sweeter but he also deserves a pat on the back; so please, when you see him, pat him on the back and buy him a whiskey for being strong. Andrew is keeping it down on several fronts. We have his bass tone dialed in and it is, in a word, sick.

Robert is a rare bird. He plays everything and does it well. First his drums; it is almost like Hal Blaine has come back to life but just a little bit taller. He seeks out the groove like a bloodhound on the trail of an escaped chain-gang member and once he finds it, he gently massages it and keeps it going until it is time to stop. While he’s doing that, he also sings like a choir boy in perfect harmony. Then, when it is needed, he jumps on the guitar (our slow songs are going to be chill-inducing) or the keyboards. He has even hinted at maybe bringing his violin and drawing out some sweet melodies for Port Song, among others.

Apart, they are like sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl); explosive, dangerous, wild and fun to play with. Together they are like sodium chloride (NaCl) they make everything taste amazing, they are stable as a table and they are mentioned by Jesus several times in the Bible. As a three piece the sound is huge. Much bigger than you’d think three people could make. That is the magic, the magic of three. Pythagoras knew it, Euclid knew it. Three is power, three is manifestation.

When you come out to see these shows, three is going to make you a believer. This might be the best tour so far. This might be the most Death Gospel that has ever been. There will be t-shirts and snacks!

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