The night you don’t give your body the jolt.

There is a moment after a tour or otherwise sustained campaign where you body doesn’t get the dose of adrenaline it is used to getting on a daily basis; in that moment your body is very unhappy. Your body gets used to a daily shot of sustained adrenal rush which it then begins to adapt to and accept as a normal course of action. That is really why musicians look haggard. It is not any kind of elicit substance; it is the extra strain that it takes to be able to go out and perform in front of a crowd without any substantial break.

I got it last night. Terrible headache coupled with scalp pain and sore everything became my shroud. But I couldn’t have been happier. I smiled through the whole sleepless night. The reason for my joy-despite-the-pain was this last trip. None of us in the band can ever remember going out on a tour with so much good feelings and positive light. It was really cool to see all the guys in the band smile and content at the end of the trip.

So to everyone that came out to a show: thank you.
Everyone that bought records: thank you.
You all gave us such a magnificent lift.

We’re now resting and getting prepared for the next leg of the tour which will start in a few weeks. I’m off to bed; for a few days. My body has now stopped being angry with me and I am going to try and sleep as a small thank you to it for carrying me through an intense time.

Love, peace and Death Gospel to y’all


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