Stuart said there was too much love.

But he was wrong. I’m sorry to cross the Poet Laureate of Glasgow but right now I am feeling awash and a-wrapped in it and it isn’t too much.

First let us discuss the video. A bunch of people came together to have a good time and try a little experiment. Alex and Kristian did an amazing job of filming and directing and capturing moments. The people who are in the video did an amazing job of keeping smiling faces and being amenable to drinking and having a party for about 10 hours straight. Then you factor in the good people that let us invade their house for an entire day and night; we cannot thank you all enough. Because now we have a video and it is lovely…oh and it is premiering on PASTE Magazine’s website. Here it is, go take a gander and then share it via the tube system:

Next there is the interview with The Huffington Post. It is a sweet piece wherein I get to talk about the new album Like a fire that consumes all before it… (which hit the streets yesterday…go buy it) and you can read it for yourself right here:

Then we’ve got the Spotify playlist. It is the first volume of a series wherein we discover and enjoy the progenitors of Death Gospel. It is the song we’ve been singing since the beginning so it is only fitting that we celebrate it right. Three hours of fantastic songs…organize it by track time length in order from longest to shortest run time. Let it wash all over you:

That’s all for now. Will check in the next time there’s some Wifi.



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