When you find yourself in warp-drive snow.

There is something to be said for the abandoned sense of glee that you can get from falling asleep in hot sunshine and wake up from your nap in a snow storm that makes the front window look like the view from the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Sure it is one of those things your daddy taught you to not be afraid of; that it is something to beat not something to beat you, but it is genuinely a-feared to be blown about in a five ton vehicle by a wind that doesn’t seem to want to agree with you and your sense of ‘what is and is not heavy’. Snow, I learned, also acts like a sort of disco ball in that it sends the lights from the headlamps off in so many directions (including your eye) that it lowers your visibility quite a bit.

But then when you are driving through country like that you are also getting great breaths full of might Douglas Fir trees, Lodge Pole Pines and Spruce trees that dwarf the nearest town’s tallest buildings. When you’re in that kind of mountain country you’re near MSG-free, home made jerky and places that put bacon on doughnuts. You give a little, you get a little.

But the first few days of this trip have been so nice. Great shows and a chance to play a bit for a music video outside in the forest. No Bob, no owls…but then again we were there in the day time. Aside from the snow storm, it has been smooth sailing.

So much is going on and we are all so excited. Right now though we just got the word that the pre-sales on iTunes for the new album Like a fire that consumes all before it… are up on the iTunes site:

Point your browser and head on over to pick yourself up a copy. If you pre-sale the album as a whole, you get a pre-sale discount.

We really appreciate all the pre-sale orders already. We all here want you to know your support means a lot to us. Thank you.

Washington, we’ll see you soon. There are so many places we are going to be headed to; I just can’t wait.

Oh, if anyone sees a cheap copy of Crazy From The Heat(Diamond Dave’s autobiography) then let us know when we’re in your town.

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