Be it sad or not, radio is still a variety of salvation.

I’m sorry that we have fallen two days behind in the ‘Get to know the band’ series. We spent the weekend getting into the groove at a lovely secluded hideaway in beautiful Santa Monica by the pier.

It worked. We are through the woods of ‘getting to know you’ and diving head-first into the swirling joy vortex of playing together like humans. The drums are stunning and simple. They are, in fact, perfect drums for what we’re doing; that thing being seven-part harmony. It is something else.

So there will be a new profile soon. Just need to get it together.

Today we wanted to pass along this fun bit of doing:

KGSR in Austin Texas wants to know what people think of us and our work so as to deign wither or thither they will put us in their regular rotation. It sure would be something else if you could head over there and let them know what you think. It is a “pass/fail” situation so just hit the tab that you agree with.

More soon.

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