The Bo$$

It happened one day in a text. We’d all referred to her as “the boss” for a while because, well, she’s the boss. She is the one that does what we can’t do. From the subtle to the sublime we each owe our individual and collective states, at present, to the managerial skills of one Brienne Rose. So, in calling her the boss, we hope to keep a reverence for the lady that tends the fire high on the mountain side. But on this particular day I saw it spelled out and it all made sense.

As a musician you always look at your heroes and marvel at their talent as well as the people that believed in them and did for them the kind of advocating that one just can’t do for themselves. If I tell you I am something, your brain will immediately wonder what I have to gain by telling you this. That’s not the only thing your brain thinks, but it might be one of the more ancient and hard-wired bits. But if someone else tells you I’m something then that intensity of biological suspicion is lessened by degrees.

Were it not for Hammond and Grossman we wouldn’t have Bob Dylan. Without Epstein we’d have no Beatles. Without Harriet Weaver there is no Ulysses nor any Finneganns Wake. Sure there might still be that brilliance burning brightly, but maybe it goes unnoticed in a quiet room somewhere or at the amnesiac hearth of a rural family and none further to be known. Advocates attempt to impress the work upon the common understanding by means of showing a greater number of people that the work exists and, they believe, it is worth being shared en masse.

Brienne does this and so much more. Not only is she our champion, she is also an accomplished pianist, an amateur paleontologist, a seeker of mild to wild adventure and a staunch supporter of the effort to drive spiders completely from human habitation (The DSCHH).

Those dollar signs are there for a reason. You cannot encapsulate what she does with mere letters. No sir, extra characters are needed to stretch your mind around the magnitude of what she does, the near Dianian-Herculean tasks she undertakes each day. That she relishes these challenges every day with the wide smile of a lioness makes our reverence for her all the more substantial because it is one thing to watch a person do great work, it is another to watch them jump head first into the shark-infested waters with a knife between their teeth and a smile on their lips as they sing of their opponents doom like some character from Greek myth.

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