This is the first in our series Getting To Know The Band.

Today we focus on the root system of the rhythm section; the bass that melts your face and lets your spine melt into cherry wine: Mr. Andrew Gerhan.

Andrew has been my friend for a very long time. He and I met a few years ago when introduced by a former drummer of mine in Philadelphia who knew Andrew from San Francisco. We’d traveled together when Andrew was in the band Our Lady of the Highway. We started working together when, during some time off in San Francisco, Andrew produced ‘Steal People’s Medicine’ and ‘The Guns That Bring the Morning Home’ for the last record I am become joy.

After that Andrew started playing with the band and has traveled with us all over the country and on our last European tour. He is a super talented musician and sound engineer. He plays bass like a dream. In fact all of his bass lines on the new record, Like a fire that consumes all before it…, are criminally good. They set the groove and keep it spinning like a whirling dervish. He is also the mainmast by which we keep the ship propelled whilst the ship is on the sea. He keeps our wits about us.

Andrew used to be a physicist. I can’t really get into it because some of what he worked on was classified…but he’s still the only member of the band to have something physical that he’d worked on traveling in space; still in Earth’s orbit. Pretty impressive.

At the moment Andrew lives in New York City and is an engineer, producer and co-owner of a recording studio in Park Slope. He enjoys fine bourbons and riding his bike safely. He’s also witty and very funny in a way that is surprising given how soft-spoken he is on a day-to-day basis.

If you should see him while we’re in your city, on tour, make sure to buy him a whiskey and ask him about his theory regarding the similarities between The Velvet Underground and The Grateful Dead…it will keep your rapt attention and stick in your brain for months.

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