New website; ya likes?

So much has been going on. Every day has been a flurry of activity and excited energy going into the release of our new record Like a fire that consumes all before it.

Firstly there is the new website layout as done by the masterful Minder Singh. I mean it is just something else; right?

Secondly I got a Twitter account. There was a dearth of Adam tweets and so was demanded of me by the internet writ large. Get on it. The twitter feed is so much fun to do and we are just having a great time on it. Not to mention all the business on the Facebook page. Send your friends that way. The more likes the better.

Tour starts soon. We are all excited for that. Going to see the whole USA, going to see all our friends and colleagues at Daytrotter again and make some other fun stops along the way. We really do hope to see you all out there.

The important thing for us is to stay connected with you all right now. That might sound funny but it is true. New things happen almost daily and it is vital for us that everyone is kept up to date. New record stuff, new tour stuff…we’re on it. We want you on it too.

More to come.

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